Ukraine: 500 corruption cases amongst public officials

Ukraine - an arc of crisis between state conflicts, poverty and corruption

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) prevented 497 manifestations of corruption among officials of different levels: from municipal and power authorities to law-enforcement and military agencies in 2019.

The total amount of improper advantage, demanded by corrupt officials comprises over UAH 65 million and the detected losses of state and local communities sum up to more than UAH 1.400 billion, as the SBU Directorate on combating corruption and organized crime reports.

For example, SBU officers exposed on corruption a number of senior government officials. So, Deputy Head of State Archive Service of Ukraine extorted bribe for employment. Head of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry demanded from his subordinates money for hiding information on detected violations during e-declaration. Deputy Head of State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine was exposed on corruption abuse. Without money reward officials refused to approve technical documentation and concluded contract with business entities for melioration of Bucha reservoir. Deputy head of Territorial Administration of the State Judicial Administration of Poltava region extorted nearly UAH 250,000 of improper advantage. That’s how much costed his signature in acts of acceptance on repair of courtrooms.

Together with colleagues from other law-enforcement agencies and foreign partners, officers of a Service conducted a special operation on combating international group of smugglers of cigarettes, worth about 120 millions. A practice of such level international cooperation was the first for both Ukraine and the European Union.

This year SBU prevented 94 cases of smuggling drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Among the striking examples was the neutralization of “Khimprom” transnational drug syndicate. SBU blocked cocaine smuggling channel from South America in spring. Then in a container with bananas law-enforcement officers found nearly 260 kilograms of hard drugs worth over USD 51 million. The Service also blocked the smuggling of heroin to the EU amounting to EUR 10 million.

Within the framework of combating drug trafficking SBU uncovered methadone lab in Poltava region and seized its biggest consignment. Combating organized crime is an important direction of the Service activity. During 2019 530 cases were initiated, 738 persons were arrested.

Source: SBU