[REPORT] The economic cost of IPR infringement in the pharmaceutical industry

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By WAJSMAN, Nathan; BURGOS, Carolina Arias; DAVIES, Christopher, from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) – 36 pages

This report from the EUIPO aims at quantifying the economic impact of counterfeiting in pharmaceuticals, within the European Union (EU). This phenomenon provokes direct costs, mainly characterized by lost sales which are estimated at 10.2 billion euros per year for the EU and, loss of public fiscal revenue. As a result, legitimate pharmaceutical industries employ less people and the report estimates that 37,700 jobs are thus lost within the EU. Germany, as the biggest European medicine producer, is the first country affected by this kind of counterfeiting, followed by Italy, France and Spain. Besides, because of interdependence among industries, the EUIPO highlights that counterfeiting in pharmaceuticals also impacts other sectors of the EU economy.
Beyond that economic consideration, the report underlines that counterfeit medicines represent a significant threat for European patients, as they may provoke death or permanent disability. Nevertheless, the economic aspect of such situations is hard to quantify.

Origin Source: Euipo.europa.eu
Publication Date: 2016-01-05
Origin Contry: Europe

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