The bad deal of the week

Screenshot of "Guter Kauf"

E-commerce is to-date no longer a carefree pleasure. Too many counterfeit products, bad shopping experiences, organized crime circulate on the Internet. @EurObsIT presents them every week.

Today, “Guter “Kauf”: As the “trader describes on the website: To ensure that our customers have an excellent online shopping experience, we offer free delivery service, 14-day money back guarantee, secure online payment as well as free shipping within Germany and Austria.” These calming words can be found when opening the “About us” section at the bottom of the page. A German Onlineshop, is the first impression.

Instead, the company is based in Hong Kong. If you want to return goods, they must also be sent there. Costs for a parcel with one kilo weight: between 25 and 50 Euro. As “we learn from the “Terms & Conditions”-page: “The shipping costs must be paid by the customer. In addition, a handling fee of 25 EUR will be deducted from the refund.”

The “German” imprint of “Guter Kauf” (Screenshot)

Misleading price-structure

The prices quoted on the website are also misleading: Apple Airpods 2 MV7N2 with Chargingcase allegedly cost 229.99 as regular price at “Guter “Kauf”. But at the original Apple-shop in Germany they only cost 179 Euro. There are actually Airpods for 229 Euro at Apple, but with a wireless charging case. But these are not the ones offered at “Guter Kauf”. These here only cost 179 Euro at Apple. After all: a price difference of 50 euros.

The Apple Airpods 2 MRXJ2 are in the shop “Guter Kauf” regular at 299.99. But at Apple they cost only 229. The “regular price” at “Guter Kauf” is 71 Euro higher than at the original Apple shop. The Apple Watch 5 is supposed to cost 599,99 Euro. But they only cost 449 Euro at Apple – a difference of 150 euros. So you can go through the shop and discover this method by the dozen. Thus, a higher initial price is suggested in order to make the discounts appear particularly large.

But for Apple products, the online retailer still has something for the customer in small print: “Please note that Apple products that have already been activated due to quality checks or export specifications cannot be returned under the 14-day return policy.”