Suspicion of obstruction of justice at German criminal authorities

Although the “Financial Intelligence Unit” (FIU) of German customs office is still young, it has already experienced several scandals. Today the strongest highlight so far is taking place.

As the magazine “Der Spiegel” reports in its online edition, the public prosecutor’s office in Osnabr├╝ck has had the FIU’s offices investigated since this morning. Allegedly there is suspicion of obstruction of justice by state authorities. The FIU is said to have failed to properly hand over eight known suspicions to the prosecuting authorities.

However, this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. The FIU is known for delaying proceedings or not pursuing them at all. Now it seems that it was not only excessive demands that caused the officers to work incorrectly. At the moment, only around 1.7 million euros have been forwarded to African states. There will most probably be a few million euros more to come, given the carelessness with which the authority has worked up to now. This is a circumstance that all experts in Germany have been aware of for a long time.