[REPORT] Measuring the magnitude of global counterfeiting

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By Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC), U.S. Chamber of Commerce – 40 pages
This report from the GIPC aims at quantifying the growing phenomenon of global counterfeiting. It underlines that 72% of counterfeit goods seized by EU, Japanese and US customs authorities between 2010 and 2014 come from China. This proportion is equivalent to 12.5% of the country’s exports of goods and over 1.5% of its GDP. Hong-Kong comes next, by representing 14% of global physical counterfeiting. This illegal trade of counterfeit goods in China and Hong-Kong is worth $396.5 billion per year. Among the remaining 14% of global physical counterfeiting, 8.76% of this share correspond to 37 economies representing 85% of the world trade.
Besides, the report considers that, currently, the value of seized counterfeit goods accounts for 2.5% of the global value of the counterfeiting market ($461 billion). Yet, the GIPC underlines that it does not mean that national economies should suspend their efforts, on the contrary, recent actions, such as enhancing customs authorities’ scope of action or international coordination, are expected to have effect, over time.

Origin Source: Theglobalipcenter.com
Publication Date: 2016-01-05
Origin Contry: United States

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