[report] Mapping the real routes of trade in fake goods

Pins in a Map of Europe

By the OECD and the EUIPO – 159 pages
This report from the OECD and the EUIPO deals with complex routes associated with global counterfeiting. It aims at identifying key producing economies and key transit points for counterfeit goods. In nine out of ten analyzed sectors, China emerges as the first producer of this kind of goods. Turkey is also an important supplier of the EU market, especially for counterfeit leather goods, foodstuff and cosmetics.
Concerning transit points for counterfeiting trade, the report identifies Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore as the most important ones, in all the analyzed product categories. Africa mostly receives counterfeit goods from Middle Eastern economies (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE), whereas for the European Union (EU) it comes from Albania, Egypt, Ukraine and Morocco. Concerning the United States, Panama turns out to be an important transit point for fake goods.
To cope with the growing threat of counterfeit goods, the report recommends to deepen the reflection on the detection of small shipments, on the role of free trade zone in transshipments and; on the characteristics of economies involved in counterfeiting.

Origin Source: Euipo.europa.eu
Publication Date: 2017-01-05
Origin Contry: Europe

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