[REPORT] How the luxury industry fights counterfeiting

Counterfeit bagsCounterfeit italian bags for sales in the street

By Comité Colbert – 23 pages
This report from Comité Colbert deals with the fight against counterfeiting of luxury goods, such as fragrance, beauty, fashion and accessory brands. It emphasizes that those kind of goods represent nearly 50% of the value of counterfeit goods seized by French customs.
To cope with this growing threat, Comité Colbert proposes a three-pronged strategy. First, it outlines various ways of monitoring legislation, in France but also at the European level. Then, it advocates for enhancing cooperation among public authorities and market players, such as between customs and luxury brands. Finally, Comité Colbert mentions its awareness campaigns, conducted with the French customs, and made available to other European countries and their customs services.

Origin Source: Comitecolbert.com
Publication Date: 2012-01-05
Origin Contry: France

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