Recommendations for Bitcoin are fake news

Screenshot of fake article

The internet is teeming with seemingly neutral reports for “Bitcoin Circus”. They are fake.

The Internet’s full of fake reports. Fake news is first and foremost false and exaggerated coverage of political events. But these tricks go much further, as the latest example shows that our editorial team has reached. The Mail reached the journalists of @EurObsIT with the reference “Fake condensers”. Our editorial team uses several search engines to alert us to counterfeit products, which we can either report to the authorities or report here in our magazine. 

However, the link in the mail did not lead to a source on the Internet that dealt with counterfeit capacitors. Instead, we were directed to the website of the sports club “FJFV Wiesbach”. But that was not enough. With another link we reached the online presence of the German Bild-Zeitung. But the report was unusual. First of all it was unusually long for the Bild-Zeitung. Secondly it was full of spelling mistakes. The report connects the German singer Lena Meyer-Landrut with the Bitcoin offer. She seems to be a convinced supporter of this method and has become rich with it. The same reports can also be found in the style of the public broadcaster ZDF and also Yvonne Catterfeld, another German singer which is misused as a testimonial for the scam. 

Looking at the URL, it is clear that these reports are not from the broadcasters or magazines. The style of the magazines was only copied into this website in the header and footer area. The actual report is not only full of spelling and wording mistakes, it also has about 20 links to the fraudulent online portal. Even supposed reviews of the Bitcoin portal, which quite openly ask the question of whether or not this is a scam, come to the fatal recommendation: Whether it is a scam, everyone has to find out for themselves. “Why not risking an investment of 250 euros and see for yourself whether the system is something for you.”

This advise is also a trick. 250 euros, invested a thousand or even a million times by bona fide people? All in all, this results in a huge fraud with huge amounts of damage. One more reason to distance yourself from Bitcoins or other crypto currencies.