China offers support to Malaysia

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The Chinese ambassador based in Malaysia has promised support of his country in the investigation of Chinese crimes. 

The reason is the uncovering of a Chinese online portal, which had lured with false investment promises. A total of 680 people were arrested, including seven 77 women. Another 100 people are said to have fled.

Akhirnya terjawab juga persoalan kenapa kawasan NeoCyber di Cyberjaya “secara tiba-tiba” dipenuhi dengan warga China sejak beberapa bulan lalu. Semasa serbuan oleh pihak Imigresen ke atas premis tersebut yang disewa sekitar RM360,000 sebulan itu, sebanyak 8,230 unit telefon bimbit, 174 unit komputer riba, dan 787 unit komputer peribadi telah dirampas. 680 orang suspek warga China turut ditahan.Video oleh @nazamozirBerita penuh di sini: Immigration News Update

Gepostet von Cyberjaya Info am Mittwoch, 20. November 2019

“We fully support this operation because our policy is we oppose any Chinese citizens committing crimes abroad no matter where in the world. We think they should be punished by the (domestic) law”, said Bai Tian, according to “Daily Express”.

Malaysia is currently benefiting from an investment boom from China. Many rich Chinese from the People’s Republic are uncertain about the Chinese government’s trade dispute with the USA. It is estimated that more than 20,000 new jobs will be created in the country. In the meantime, more than ten high-tech projects have been realised.