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Illicit trade is undoubtedly a crucial worldwide issue. United Nations say it reached a level of $2 trillion. The International Chamber of Commerce estimates the specific cost of counterfeiting and piracy to global economy is worth $1 trillion. And according to the World Trade Organization, the value of counterfeited and pirated goods is now equivalent to some 7% of world merchandise. In addition to that, connections between smuggling networks and terrorist groups were repeatedly proven, for instance with ISIS in the Middle East and various jihadist gangs in Sahel and Africa.
@EurObsIT has accumulated in-depth investigations and analysis on counterfeit and smuggling. Thus, we developed over the years an unmatched expertise in such threats to fair & free trade, level playing field, and security of assets and people.
This is why we decided to create the European Observatory on Illicit Trade. Its website will be entirely dedicated to exposing the amplitude and patterns of illicit trade, in the interest of European legitimate businesses, consumers and jobs. Also, we intend to respect the highest standards of information when publishing contents. We are confident this information-based initiative will indeed contribute to increasing the public knowledge about this major issue.

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