2 exceptional drug seizures in less than 48 hours – Commendation by Minister of Action and Public Accounts in France

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Heroin and cocaine with estimated market prices of €12 million were discovered during customs checks at the Port of Calais.

Customs officers at the port of Calais and in the Channel Tunnel made two exceptional drug seizures. On Sunday, December 1st, the customs officers of the Calais Littoral brigade checked a Polish truck. The transport documents indicated a loading of paper filters. During the inspection of the trailer boxes which were used to store the pallets, customs officers discovered two boxes containing 36 brown heroin with a total weight of 28 Kg.

On Tuesday, December 3, the customs officers of the Channel Tunnel checked a refrigerated truck aimed for Great Britain. Official load was a shipment of frozen french fries. The passage of the heavy weight scanner lead customs officers to continue their investigations. The opening of the trailer’s side trunks allowed the discovery of locked suitcases. Inside these, customs officers discovered rectangular packages covered with brown adhesive tape. In total, 8 suitcases containing 88 cocaine loaves weighing 104 kg and 50 brown heroin loaves weighing 58 kg were seized.

By this, in less than 48 hours, the Calais customs authorities discovered and seized more than 86 kg of heroin and 104 kg of cocaine. The market value of these seizures is estimated at nearly €12 million. Gérald DARMANIN, Minister of Action and Public Accounts: “I thank the Calais customs officers for their agility, which once again made it possible to prevent the spread of a large quantity of drugs, the ravages which are well known endangering public health. This new case will not feed the illicit drug retail market and the underground economy. The fight against drug trafficking is a priority of the French government.”